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Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating and Defense+ Nano Glass Coating

Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating and Defense+ Nano Glass Coating

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Defense+ Nano Glass Coating is a hydrophobic, protective glass coating that can be used on glass windows. Defense+ Nano Glass Coating is designed to repel water on glass windshields for 3-5 years.
Clean and maintain Defense+ Nano Glass Coating coated surfaces with soap and water to keep the extreme hydrophobic properties viable.

Defense+ Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating is one of the easiest to use DIY Ceramic Coatings on the market today! Temperature controlled environment not needed.

Super easy to use, offers an extended working time and creates an ultra high gloss shine and long lasting results.

Benefits of Defense+ Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating are ultra high gloss shine, water repellency, protection against bug etching, bird droppings, road tar, and tree sap.

This coating if washed on a regular basis can last for 3-5 years. Defense+ Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating can be applied to paint, plastic, headlights, foglights, taillights, paint protection film and interior dashboard, console and vegan leather.

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